SHAFTMUSIC: THE THRUSTWORSTLY RELATION This relation is characterized by the WINNING CONTRACT : . THE WINING CONTRACT This wining contract is combined in four points Article 1) PERSONALIZED RELATIONSHIP. This relation will be different and single according to the investments of each other. There is no standard formula since all the parameters of the contract with us are negotiable . Article 2) The ROYALTIES In general and it is normal the totality of the authors right returns to you as you have creates the track and that for example I did not have has to work for the realisation of the title (idea, words, melody, arrangement, structure...) The royalties is an amount of money which will be directly paid to you by the SACEM.or your local type setter (Company of the Type-setters Authors) when your titles are play listed out of radio or are played in disco club or in any other place public. They are very important sums especially if your track is very popular If your title passes the border of France or your country, the rights will be collected and finally poured on your account Article 3) AN INTELLIGENT RELATIONSHIP OF CO PRODUCTION. An intelligent co production is a co -production where all the parts have the same interests. To make so that the musical production have the best artistic and technical quality.
Article 4) A HEALTHY RELATION AT THE BEGINNING. As you know it in the word show business there is the word show but the word business should not be forgotten. Shaftmusic goal is to explain you everything , in order to avoid the nasty surprises. SHAFTMUSIC: ADVICES Shaftmusic is a kind of agent between the artist and the record company(Sony,Universal,Warner etc....who will take the risk to sign your titles . You know it now : we do our best so that your titles are signed by a records company, however the final decision does not depend on us, consequently Shaftmusic cannot guarantee to you that you will sign your track. Despite everything these efforts it may be that your title is not signed. Here some explanations: 1) Because pirate remote loadings, the total record market and that more particularly of individual Cd suffers enormously. It is necessary that your title has a very large commercial potential so that a records company takes the risk to release it 2) the crisis had as a consequence the closing of many independent labels, there are thus less outlets for records. 3) The artistic directors does are scare in their selection and think twice time before signing.They want a title with an immediate profitability. 4) the sales of compilations has dropped so there are less outlets for your titles. 5) It may be also that your title misses originality and quality. When one is a producer one often believes to be only to have ideas but with the evolution of technology in the whole world of the thousands of artists who are able since their home studio to produce music of great quality.Competition is thus very hard. 6) You think that your titles are as good as those that you hear with the radio and yet you do not manage to sign your productions: it should be known that in this business people trust those who have already had success. The fault if there is is generally a very hard record market. The only positive solution is to go back to the work with even more motivation and of energy. Conclusion: As you see it the road to success is long and difficult. Music is a completely random activity, short-term or long-term success is never guaranteed . The ultimate advice that I give you is to believe in you, to be wheel surrounded and especially not to depend on music for a living .This will help you to create and produce good music. LUCK does not exist only hard work on all fronts will enable you to reach your dreams
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